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Human Rights

PIHRO would like to see a society that has become stronger because people are equally valued, can participate fully and are treated with fairness, dignity and respect.

As human beings we are all born with human rights
  • The whole of society will be stronger if we are empowered to realize our own human rights and to stand up for the rights of others.
  • Human rights are not simply about courts; they can be used in practical ways to create a fairer more decent society.
  • Collaboration and partnership working are fundamental to securing our mission and vision, including others in the voluntary and community sectors and public sector organizations at all levels.


PIHROs Human Rights Projects to date:

As PIHRO works on all types of human rights violations. It continues to maintain records at its head office in Islamabad on the various cases which are being dealt with on a day to day basis. To date PIHRO has worked on hundreds of land dispute cases, women rights violations cases, rape, freedom of expression, minority rights, honour crimes and a number of other human rights violations. Each case is individual and unique and is dealt with by an in house officer with legal experience. Communication is written and results are achieved in writing. All records are kept at the office and most cases are closed when a positive response is achieved and or the matter has been resolved. Cases reported to PIHRO have on average a 70% success rate.