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Water and Sanitation

waterWater is essential to human existence. Access to potable water supply is a basic human right and necessary to ensure a healthy population. Provision of safe water supply and sanitation directly serves the objectives of public health by curtailing the spread of vector diseases. The poor are particularly vulnerable when water is either unclean or in short supply. The urban poor spend large part of their income on water from private vendors. In rural areas, fetching water for cooking and drinking, mostly by women, involves lot of time and distance.

Insufficient attention to wastewater treatment and disposal is causing severe environmental problems. Continuing urbanization and industrialization have increased water consumption (and correspondingly higher levels of waste), and increasing competition for scarce water resources. Until the water demand is met, the productivity, incomes and health of the poor will continue to suffer. Most of the wastewater is not treated and with the expansion of urban water supply systems without treatment facilities, it will continue to impact the environment adversely.

PIHRO aims at sustainable access to the safe clean water supply and hygienic disposal of waste water in both the urban as well as rural areas.