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disasterPIHRO is of the view that disaster risk reduction is everyone’s business. Disaster risk reduction includes disciplines like disaster management, disaster mitigation and disaster preparedness, but DRR is also part of sustainable development. In order for development activities to be sustainable they must also reduce disaster risk. On the other hand, unsound development policies will increase disaster risk – and disaster losses. Thus, DRR involves every part of society, every part of government, and every part of the professional and private sector.

The more governments, UN agencies, organizations, businesses and civil society understand risk and vulnerability, the better equipped they will be to mitigate disasters when they strike and save more lives (Ban Ki-moon, United Nations Secretary-General).

Economic losses from disasters are increasing. Despite these escalating losses, more than 95% of humanitarian finance is still spent on responding to disasters and their aftermath, with less than 5% spent on reducing the risk of disasters. Without a major increase in investment to reduce current and future risks, spending on relief and reconstruction is likely to become unsustainable.